Webstock is the brainchild of a small group of web professionals who’ve taken it upon themselves to promote raising the standard of websites in their own backyard (and abroad), and have a jolly good time while they’re doing it. They are:

Natasha Lampard

Former advocate of users at Trade Me. Instigator of activities and shenanigans at Webstock. Co-founder and doer of stuff at Lil Regie.
Mother to Belle, Xanthe, Harrison and Bird; special-lady-friend to Ben. Lover of jazz, film, soup, delightful interweb sites and Miss Marple. Bloody mary aficionado.
Photo of Tash taken by the great Mr Tom Coates.

Mike Brown

Mike Brown

Mike is a co-founder of Webstock and Lil Regie.

He tweets a regular mix of Bob Dylan and red wine appreciation, YouTube music videos on a Friday night and about his surprising (to him) enjoyment of running.

He is probably unemployable at this stage of his (lack of) career, so it’s just as well there’s nothing he’d rather be doing than Webstock. And Lil Regie. And running. And Dylan and wine and…

Mike is married to Deb and they both try to maintain a semblance of parental authority over their children, Matt and Josh.

Deb Sidelinger

Deb Sidelinger

Deb built her first website in 1996. She has been online ever since in various guises. She used to be a librarian in a former life, but now seems to attend a lot of meetings about developing sites.

When not doing things web, either for work or pleasure, you will probably find her being mother to Matt and Josh, or out with her other baby, her camera.

Ben ‘Lucky’ Lampard

My day job is with a fantastic, fast, and very productive web team at one of NZ’s biggest and oldest companies. I hope my involvement with Webstock helps contribute to all Webstockers having one of the most memorable weeks of their lives while hobnobbing with the best makers and creators from around the world.
Photo of Ben taken by the great Mr Michael B Johnson.

Charles Bird


Charles Bird is Director, International Markets and Business Development and a member of the company’s Executive Council. Named to this position in February 2006, Bird, 7, oversees the company’s international affairs and has leadership responsibilities for 20 Webstock in-country operations throughout the world.

As member of the Webstock Executive Council, he coordinated the company’s Corporate Development function, with responsibility for acquisitions, divestitures, mergers, equity investments and joint ventures.